Top Reasons for Springtime Auto Accidents

More drivers and pedestrians use the roads due to the warmer weather. Along with increased traffic, spring often comes with significant accidents. There are many reasons why car accidents can happen in the spring. The most frequent reasons for car accidents in the spring are listed below. Call a qualified auto accident attorney Rockford if you are in a mishap this spring.

Car accidents in the spring are primarily caused by the following:

  • Pedestrians

Pedestrians are frequently involved in car accidents in the spring. Therefore protecting pedestrian safety is crucial to avoiding errors and dangerous collisions. As the days lengthen and the temperature rises, more people are choosing to commute by walking or riding a bike. Unfortunately, this frequently results in greater traffic, which raises the possibility of collisions involving drivers and pedestrians.

Many colleges and institutions are located in Central Illinois, so after enduring the cold, lengthy Midwest winters, both students and locals are eager to enjoy the sunshine.

  • Bicyclists

Vehicles and bicycles colliding are a common occurrence. The ones that occur when a car approaches a cyclist in the right-hand lane are left-hand crossovers and right hooks, which are the most frequent. Car doors moving into a cyclist’s path or being bumped from behind are two other reasons why bicycles and cars collide. Bicyclists should be alert to reduce their vulnerability to accidents, regardless of the reason for the mishap, as they are susceptible to them in the spring.

About 1,000 victims per year pass away. Of these, major towns and cities account for around 70% of bicycle accidents. When congestion is at its worst, rush hour is when many of these accidents will happen.

  • Wild creatures

During the spring, drivers in some regions need to be extra cautious. Driving conditions are typically not as favorable as in the winter when wildlife movement is at its greatest. Wild animals frequently cross the road, especially at twilight or dawn.

Throughout this time of year, drivers must take extra precautions to avoid being distracted by their prescriptions or allergies. However, there is no way to rule out the risk of a collision with an animal through safety procedures.

  • Muddy pavement

In Central Illinois, springtime weather can be unpredictable. During spring, wet pavement remains a significant risk factor for automobile accidents. In fact, wet pavement is a factor in close to 70% of weather-related accidents.

Wet pavement risks are more likely to be present for vehicles with worn tires, as well as for inebriated and inattentive motorists. In addition, poor visibility and irate drivers raise the possibility of a collision

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