Sleuths India Detectives

Many private investigation agencies are looking for interns to join their ranks. College students bring an array of skills and technological know-how to the table. With more than 300 private investigation firms in Bengaluru alone, it is no surprise that students are proving to be a valuable asset to the industry. In addition to their high level of expertise, students bring with them a network of people and places. Ultimately, they become the future detectives and help agencies solve crimes.

Sleuths India’s team of investigators consists of both undercover agents and private investigators who maintain the highest level of secrecy when working on cases. Their services are confidential and delivered in a timely manner, and they are associated with top-notch clientele. Their dedication to quality and confidentiality is reflected in the number of awards that the agency has won, including the prestigious Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award in 2012.

The agency’s sting operation videos are evidence in court. Video recordings of the operation can be used as evidence against the suspects in court. An assistant police inspector posed as a businessman and paid the agency’s agency with a Rs 10,000 advance. The agency then arrested the accused, handing over his letterhead to a waiting police team. While the police team subsequently raided the premises, they were caught.

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