Put Diesel in a Petrol Car by Accident and Drive It

If you’ve ever mistakenly put diesel in a petrol car and driven it, you’re not alone. It happens every three minutes or so, and the damage can be severe. If you’ve ever put diesel in a petrol car and driven it, the first step is to drain the fuel tank and check the fuel flap before you start the engine. If it’s not there, you might have put the wrong fuel in your car, and the result is a smoky exhaust and rough running. You must never drive with the wrong fuel in your car.

Incorrect fuel can also damage the engine. In this case, you should not start the engine and keep the keys out of the ignition. The engine will stall and you will need to drain the fuel. There are multiple services that offer wrong fuel recovery services. Call the AA immediately if you’ve put petrol in a diesel car. It’s estimated that one-third of all misfuelling calls involve the wrong fuel.

The most common mistake is to put diesel in a petrol car by accident and drive it. Thankfully, this mistake is easy to fix. If you’ve accidentally put diesel in a petrol car and drove it, you’ll have to drain the system and refill it with the right type of fuel. Fortunately, putting diesel in a petrol car is not that harmful. However, it is best to drain the system first to avoid further damage to your car.

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