Is Wakanda Tech More Advanced Than Thor Technology?

We know that Thor and his mighty brothers aren’t the only heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but is Wakanda Tech more advanced than Thor’s? While we aren’t going to compare the two worlds’ technology, it is interesting to know what these characters are capable of. For instance, in the Marvel Comics Universe, the Wakandans have access to oil, which they use for their weapons. This material has unusual properties and can absorb any energy directed at it.



There are many aspects of Wakanda technology that we don’t know about. One such example is the technology developed by the Dora Milaje, the all-female special forces in Wakanda. As a result of this technology, Wakanda has a variety of uses. In the movies, the Wakandans fight off various enemies, allowing the Dora Milaje to perform their missions.

Another example of this technology is the wonder metal. This material is non-radioactive, but it gives off crazy amounts of energy at room temperature. Furthermore, the wonder metal can absorb and release kinetic energy, and thus act as a shield. Unlike the Thor’s shields, however, they cannot see through the Cosmos. That is the reason why the Avengers and Wakanda Tech are similar.



In addition to using the Bifrost to warp space, Wakanda has another advanced piece of technology that is not found in Thor’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have a device that can block the sunlight, which means that they can destroy the worlds they attack without leaving their home. As a result, Asgard is the better civilization tech-wise, but the difference between Wakanda and Thor technology is not that great mhtspace

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