Is the iTop VPN Virus Spreading Through the Web?

When a user downloads an iTop VPN file, he or she may be exposing sensitive data and allowing the software to collect this information. However, this is an unlikely scenario, as iTop VPN is based in Hong Kong, which enjoys some form of autonomous government status. In this case, the software may be responsible for the malware spreading throughout the web. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate you might have an iTop VPN infection.

iTop VPN is an excellent choice for those who want to access social media websites and gaming servers. Its premium plans offer unlimited bandwidth and average speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The paid plans also don’t collect and sell user data, although they do store cookies and other personal information for better customer service. Furthermore, the software comes with an in-built ad-blocker, which prevents pop-ups and malware from affecting your browsing experience.

If you’re concerned about iTop VPN’s security and performance, it is important to know that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a rare occurrence for a free VPN service, so if you’re worried about its security, use a different app for the time being. To get your money back, you can contact the company’s customer support service via its website. You can also reach them on Facebook.

Another major complaint about iTop VPN is the software’s design. The iTop VPN app does not use an alphabetical sorting system, so it’s important to keep this in mind. For example, the Android app uses a different sorting order than the Windows build. It also uses a different sort order for servers, so you’ll have to remember your favorite locations on each device. It’s a shame that it’s so hard to find information, but it’s not impossible to do it.

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