How to Buy the Right Maternity Activewear? A Quick Guide

For moms-to-be looking to stay fit during pregnancy, it can be confusing to shop for maternity activewear. You don’t want to compromise comfort for functionality, nor would you like to forgo style for something that just works with your growing body.

Luckily, today pregnant women have a lot of choices for activewear – that can also be used for everyday styling. But how do you make the right choice?

Well, keep on reading!

When to Buy Maternity Activewear?

As you begin your motherhood journey, you are left wondering when to start wearing maternity-specific activewear. It is recommended that you switch at the end of the first trimester or the beginning of the second when your bump comes out.

Good quality activewear will grow as you and be a great fit partner during your entire pregnancy.

You might think buying a whole new wardrobe for activewear just for a few months is expensive. However, exercising is vital to stay fit during pregnancy and for good workout sessions, you need comfortable and stretchy clothes.

In fact, some moms-to-be love their activewear so much that they also wear it as everyday clothing. There is nothing wrong with it too!

Things to Consider When Buying Activewear During Pregnancy

Keep in mind the following things when you look for activewear during pregnancy.

1.     Determine Your Need

When deciding to buy maternity activewear, consider your purpose for wearing them. Most gym attires are ideal for all workout types or exercises. Some, on the other hand, are meant for specific workouts.

For instance, some tights are made from performance fabric for running or gym. In contrast, certain natural fibre tights work as lounge or sleepwear.

You can choose the suitable fabric and size if you know why you need activewear. Since pregnancy is already a challenging time, you don’t want to add to your troubles by purchasing the wrong active wear that restricts your movement during workout sessions.

2.     Size and Measurements

Maternity-specific activewear, such as your tights and crop tops, are precisely stitched to fit comfortably on a pregnant body. Therefore, going up a size as you usually do for other maternity clothing is not recommended to ensure comfort.

It is best to check your measurements against the product’s size chart to be as comfortable as possible. Also, it would be great to buy them close to when you will wear them, so your measurements don’t change much between wear and purchase.

Remember, during pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, you don’t just have to deal with swollen feet and hands but heavier breasts and hips too.

So, ensure you take your measurements before you go ahead and buy activewear, as they are not much forgiving on sizing.

3.     Material

Another essential thing to consider is the material choice of your activewear. Good pregnancy activewear is designed with strong, stretchy material that adjusts to your body’s growth, providing snugness and support.

Typically, maternity tights are made from a stretch fabric with elastane or lycra to allow comfort during exercise or working out.

In addition, when buying, pay attention to the fabric of maternity clothes, as you have little idea where your weight is going as you move forward with each trimester. Make certain that your material is stretchable to offer you movement and comfort during your workout

That said, look for breathable materials with moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool when your session gets heated.

The Bottom Line

With the above considerations, you can find the right workout clothes without sacrificing a thing. Your body is already going through a lot while making a baby, so why add to the burden with the wrong activewear choice?

So, go for clothes that are as per your measurements, stretchable, moisture-wicking and let’s not just forget about style. No woman should compromise on fashion because of pregnancy

In the end, Happy hunting!

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