Filing a car accident lawsuit in Montrose 

Auto accidents in Montrose often cause unprecedented damage and losses. If you suffered injuries in a similar mishap that wasn’t your fault, you should talk to an attorney and file an injury lawsuit. Personal injury law is intrinsically complex and hard to comprehend, specially for commoners. An accomplished and experienced Montrose car accident lawyer can help evaluate your case. Here are some things to know about filing a lawsuit. 

Consider the deadline

You have limited time to file an injury lawsuit, and each state has its “statute of limitations” that sets this deadline. In Colorado, the time limit for car accident lawsuits is three years, counting from the date of mishap. If you intend to file a third-party insurance claim, you should notify the insurance company of the accident within a reasonable time and must start the claims process early. The statute of limitations is for civil lawsuits only. For those filing a wrongful death claim, the time limit is two years from the date of death. 

Understanding comparative negligence

If just one driver is responsible for the accident, the outcome is usually very simple. However, if two parties share the blame, things would be different. You can only sue a party if your fault percentage is less than theirs. In other words, you cannot file a car accident lawsuit against the other driver if your fault is more than 50%. Your final settlement in such a situation would be lower depending on the fault share. This is known as the modified comparative negligence rule, which is followed by Colorado and many other states. 

Get an accident lawyer

When you are dealing with the outcome and aftermath of the car accident, it’s best to have legal expertise at disposal. An accident lawyer can help your case in many ways. They can do the following things –

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  1. Check if your claim is valid. 
  2. Investigate the accident and gather evidence. 
  3. Determine liability and fault. 
  4. Help you file an insurance claim. 
  5. Negotiate a settlement.

While auto accident cases don’t usually end up in court, it is important that you hire an attorney with trial experience. A proficient lawyer knows how to find evidence and can talk to experts, accident investigators, and witnesses to gather details. 

Don’t let someone get away with their negligence. Call an accident lawyer today and action winstrol v get a free evaluation of your case. You can always discuss about the fee and other details in person. 

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